2014 Honda Accord 93C76 Mileage Correction with YH Digimaster 3

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How to use Yanhua digimaster 3 mileage programmer to correct odometer for 2014 Honda Accord.

1. Select “Meter system”, then “Japan & Korea”.

Select “Honda”.

3. Select “Accord”.

4. Select “2014 (93C76)”.


Please remove the chip 93C76, and weld it on the OBP adapter, then click on “Next” to read the data.

if you want to save time, please use mini nano 93Cx6 adapter socket

93C76 is 8 feet IC, please read the following parts on how to weld the chip on the OBP board.

Remove the chip off the dashboard.

Remove the excess tin on the IC.

Weld the chip on the OBP adapter packed in the Digimaster3.

Solder the chip back onto the dashboard.

Use banana oil to clean the chip that was solder back onto the dashboard.



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  • Perfect Nano 93cx6 socket.


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