True-USB Willem Programmer (GQ-4X) GQ-4X include ADP-019 PSOP44 - DIP32 adapter

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True-USB Willem Programmer (GQ-4X) GQ-4X include  ADP-019 PSOP44 - DIP32 adapter




GQ-4X4 programmer Features :

Neat robust enclosure; 40pin ZIF socket, fully automatic; JTAG support; Fast mode SPI support

Real True USB interface for both data transfer and power supply

High speed; user-friendly; simplest-to-use

Support O/S XP32bit 64bit, Vista 32bit, Vista 64bit; Windows 7 32bit 64bit; Windows 8, Windows 10 (English)

Allows end users add in their own chips/devices easily to the software

Multi-languages capability (over 14 languages): Arabic, Czech, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish

Support chip package: POSOP44, PSOP56, TSOP48, TSOP40, TSOP40, TSOP32, SOIC, PLCC84, PLCC44, PLCC32, FWH+16bit EPROM, AVR




ADP-058 FWH/LPC+ Complete Adapter Set

This is a complete set adapter for FWH/LPC chip. It covers all common regular FWH/LPC flash chip packages. They are all profesional ZIF version adapter. It is backward compatible with Willem programmer's FWH/HUB adapter. It supports both True USB as well as parallal Willem programmer.

The set includes:

  •  A PLCC32 socket type FWH/LPC adapter(ADP-030 with TSOP32, TSOP40 sockets).

  •  A PLCC32 ZIF adapter

  •  A TSOP32 14mm ZIF adapter .

  •  A TSOP32 20mm ZIF adapter

  •  A TSOP40 ZIF adapter

The ZIF adapters are much easier to insert/remove the chip. No damage to both chip and adapter

This adapter set is for True USB/Standard/Enhanced Willem EPROM programmer.

Device supported:
INTEL:i82802AB, i82802AC
ATMEL:AT49LW040, SST:SST49LF002/A, SST49LF003/A,SST49LF004/A,SST49LF008/A;W39V040F,W39V040FA,W39V040FAP,W39V080F,W39V080FA,W39V080FAP
LPC Flash:SST:SST49LF020/A,SST49LF030/A,SST49LF040/A;W39V040A,W39V040AP,SST49LF080/A;W39V080A,W39V080AP,W49V002A,W49V002APSST 49LF002B, 49LF004B
FWH/LPC:PMC:PMC49FL002,PMC49FL004ST micro:M50FW040,M50FW002,M50LPW002,M50LPW040,M50FLW040A,M50FLW080B,M50LPW080,M50FLW080A,M50FLW080B

With TSOP40 ZIF socket:
LPC flash:SST:SST49LF080/A;
FWH/LPC:ST micro:M50FW080/008,M50LPW080/008,M50FW016,M50LPW116;PT49V080/008



Packing List:

1x GQ-4X4 programmer
1x USB Cable
1x PLCC 32-DIP adapter
1x PLCC 32-DIP adapter
1x FWH+/LPC+ Adapter
1x PLCC Extractor
1x  ADP-019 PSOP44 - DIP32 adapter

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