PIN ESK Code Calculation Service for Geely

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PIN Code Calculation Service for Geely


32 Bit ESK PIN Code Calculation Service for Geely Vision S1, X1, X3, X6, GX3, EX3 2018-Latest:   45usd

PIN Code Calculation Service for Geely other models:  18usd


After you place order, please send vehicle License card photo, Vehicle rear side clear photo to our Email or Whatsapp!

Offer PIN code in 20mins at working time!


Working time:

(Beijing Time):  8:00am - 11:00pm  (Monday -Sunday)


Contacts: Whatsapp or Email


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All keys lost solution for Geely Panda or Geely LC GB HB 1.3 2015 New Key programming:

Vehicle does not use transponder chip, use remote control for immobilizer function

Key Blade: #75 Geely Panda

Open Car door: Lock Pick Set, or airbag pump Wedge

Remote Control manual programming Guide:
insert Remote Key to Ignition, and turn Remote Key to ON OFF, ON OFF, ON OFF fast operation for 3 times, and then keep the Remote Key at ON Postion. You will see the Immobilizer light flashing quickly for 3 seconds and then light turns off. When the light turns on again, turn Remote Key to ACC and then turn to ON postion, you will hear a beep sound. It enters programming mode now.

Step2: press UNLOCK and LOCK two buttons of remote key simultaneously for 2 seconds; The remote key is programmed successfully when you hear a beep sound. If you need to add more remote keys, press UNLOCK and LOCK two buttons of the other remote simultaneously for 2 seconds, when you hear a beep sound to finish the other remote programmed. When you finish all remote keys programming, wait 10seconds to hear the beep sound, means the whole programming work finished.

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