Original Lishi Hu92 For BMW Single Lifter 2-track 2-in-1 Pick - Ignition/door/trunk

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Original Lishi BMW HU92 Single Lifter 2-in-1 Pick Ignition Enabled

2-in-1 Pick - Ignition/Door/Trunk

High Security 8-Cut, 2 Track

Cross-Reference: HU92RP, TP00BM6P

Code Series: 1-6000


What is the difference between single and twin lift picks? 

Twin Lifters work better in picking and reading, they read in the same direction as picking direction. However, they can not work on over-picked wafers; once you over-pick a particular wafer then you need to reduce the tension and start over again.

Single Lifters pick in opposite direction to correct over-picked wafer, also they can work in jammed locks. However, they read the opposite direction of picking direction. 

The vehicle application for both tools is the same, so it just comes down to a personal preference. Some hardcore Locksmiths prefer single lifters over twin. Some have both and use twin lifter for picking and decoding an ignition, and single lifter for other operations. 

Single Lifter: Pick / Decode Opposite Direction

To Use With:

2004-2010 Mini Cooper
2003-2006 Land Rover Range Rover
2008-2014 BMW 1-Series
1999-2011 BMW 3-Series
2003-2011 BMW 5-Series
2004-2011 BMW 6-Series
2002-2009 BMW 7-Series
2000-2007 BMW M3
2000-2008 BMW M5
2008 BMW M6
2004-2009 BMW X3
2000-2011 BMW X5
2008-2013 BMW X6
2003-2013 BMW Z4

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