ELV ESL Steering Lock Emulator Plug and Start for BMW 3 5 E84 E87 E90 Mini

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for BMW Mini Cooper  E84 - E87 - E90 3 Series 5 Series ELV ESL Steering Lock Emulator Plug and Start

Plug and Start,No need program, easy to install.

Bmw Elv steering lock emulator. Stops the yellow padlock dash light and the locking of the steering wheel that plagues some bmws from 2004 to 2010.

The ELV emulator for the BMW E-series and also for Mini R55, R56 with electric steering lock. The emulator simulates a perfectly working ELV for the CAS. Thus, no more check control message and the BMW starts again. 

If the steering wheel lock on your BMW is mechanically faulty, the emulator can solve the problem cost effectively. Ignoring the fault will lead to steering locking you out and resulting in a non-start of your car. Of course, BMW Workshop wants to replace the complete steering column in this case. 

The problem with ELV is known in the E81, E82, E87, E88, E90, E91, E92, E93, E60, E61, E63 and E64 models and also Mini R55, R56. 

Works also with the 1er and 3er BMW which only 3 cables at the ELV has. 

Installation procedure is simple: 

Remove trim panel under steering column (3 screws). Disconnect the 3 or 4 pin plug from your ELV unit. That is located approximately in the middle of the steering column. 

(If exists, Pin 4 is only a high current power line which powers the ELV module mechanical parts. This is not used by the emulator, since it does not contains any mechanical parts. So don't worry, this emulator will be good for 3 and 4 pin ELV modules too.) 

It should be noted that in very rare cases a counter reset must be performed in the CAS control unit. This requires a k +dcan INPA cable. And additionally a software tool also needed. BMW tool32 for windows (this is expensive) or Deep OBD for BMW (This is a free tool for Android phones. RECOMMENDED) And some knowledge how to use above tools together. Not diabolical, you can google it :-) 

If you haven't this tools or knowledge maybe this also helps to remove warning message after installation of the emulator: Car will remove the error itself after 7-10 sleep cycle. One sleep cycle: Drive the car about 1 minutes then lock the car, and leave it alone for 20 minutes. Repeat the above cycle 7-10 times. 

Or just normally use the car for some days after emulator installation, and the error warning will gone. 

This BMW MINI EMULATOR will solve the existing fault and have your vehicle running error free again.

Package content:
1X ELV emulator for BMW

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