Auto Signal Generator Car Hall Sensor and Crankshaft Position Sensor Signal Simulator Tester

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Auto Signal Generator Car Hall Sensor and Crankshaft Position Sensor Signal Simulator Meter


Main Functions
-Crankshaft position sensor signal simulation output: including 9 types of gear missing teeth signal: 58+2(60-2), 58+1, 57+2, 57+1, 37+1, 36+2, 35+1, 34+2, 22+1.

- One type of standard 60+0 signal simulation output.

-Magnetoelectric signal or Hall signal output. Output amplitude/peake volt equals to power supply input, can be adjusted by adding potentiometer.

-Use 60+0 signal to simulate vehicle speed sensor signal output. Camshaft sensor signal simulation.

- Use 60+0 signal to drive odometer or test odometer. Use it to drive car motor PC board or speed meter.

- ABS sensor, optical sensor signal simulation. Use it to analyze and inspect sensor error, car ECU and meters error.


Output Parameters
-One button switch between magnetoelectric signal and Hall signal, convenient to use.

-9 ranges of frequency selection, accurate frequency output.

-01 refers to 2Hz-1KHz frequency range.

-02 refers to 2Hz-2KHz frequency range.

-03 refers to 2Hz-3KHz frequency range.

-04 refers to 2Hz-4KHz frequency range.

-05 refers to 2Hz-5KHz frequency range.

-06 refers to 2Hz-6KHz frequency range.

-07 refers to 2Hz-7KHz frequency range.

-08 refers to 2Hz-8KHz frequency range.

-09 refers to 2Hz-100Hz frequency range.

-When the signal generator output is higher than 2HZ, press SET button, it can output 10 types of signal, 60-0 represents standard magnetoelectric or Hall signal output, the other 9 types of signal are magnetoelectric or Hall gear missing teeth signal (Crankshaft position sensor signal).

Output Signal Type Switching:
RED Button Function: Magnetoelectric signal and Hall signal switching button.

Press down the button: it outputs magnetoelectic signal.

Release the button: it outputs Hall signal.

* For some generators, when press down the red button, it outputs Hall signal, release button, outputs magnetoelectric signal.

* User can use multimeter to check output signal type. Use multimeter (20V measurement) to test the signal generator output, it output is about 5.8V, its output is Hall signal, if output is 0V, the output signal type is Magnetoelectric signal.

About Operating Power Supply Input:

-The operating power supply of that signal generator is 12VDC, user can use the 12V power supply for the Battery of the car, or user any other 12V regulated switching power supply or AC/DC power adapter.

About Signal Output GND

-If use Hall signal output, signal output GND and the operating power supply GND are in common ground, if use the 12V operating power supply from the battery of the car, user only needs to connect Signal output positive wire.

- If use magnetoelectric signal output, signal output GND and the operating power supply GND are NOT in common ground, user must correctly connect both the output signal positive wire and output signal negative GND wire, thus the signal generator can operate normally.

Auto Signal Generator packing contents:

1 x Original auto vehicle signal generator

1 x Testing Clip

1 x User Manual

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