1/1.5/1.8/2.2/2.8/3.5mm Terminal Kit Automotive Connector Non-Insulated Plug Male Female Crimp Pin with Wire Removal Extractor

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1/1.5/1.8/2.2/2.8/3.5mm Terminal Kit Automotive Connector Non-Insulated Plug Male Female Crimp Pin with Wire Removal Extractor 



Type : Splice

is_customized : Yes

Material : Brass

Product attributes : Conductor

Gender : Male and Female

type : 1/1.5/1.8/2.2/2.8/3.5mm series terminal

Material : Brass


The 1168pcs/kit includes 1150 connectors + 18 pin release for most common Automotive cable diameters and for most common pipe diameters.


They are highly insulated and sealed. (Couplings with matching rubber washers must be purchased separately and are resistant to brake fluid, oil and fuel.)

Male and female mating connectors enable fast, durable and sealed cable connections.

With 21 different terminals

18 needle release devices:

A set of 18 keys for removing pins and connectors

It also includes the necessary plumbing injectors in various sizes! This makes it a universal repair kit for all types of wiring harnesses.

The handle is covered with rubber for more comfortable work

Indispensable for every electrical/electronic product

It can be used to refit and repair electrical systems in cars, motorcycles, boats, and more.

Repair of household appliances/electronics/computers, etc.

Ergonomic shape makes pin removal very easy



Package List:

1 set of terminal removal tool(18 in 1)

100pcs of 1.5mm female pins----------623-E1.5A

100pcs of 1.5mm male pins-------------615B-1.5

50pcs of 1.5mm female pins----------621-1.5B

50pcs of 1.5mm male pins-------------611-1.5B

50pcs of 1.5mm female pins----------627-1.5A

50pcs of 1.5mm male pins-------------617-1.5A

50pcs of 1.5mm female pins----------224B-1.0A

50pcs of 1.5mm male pins-------------214B-1.0A

50pcs of 1.8mm female pins----------621-F1.8A

50pcs of 1.8mm female pins----------611F-F1.8A

50pcs of 2.2mm female pins----------621-G2

50pcs of 2.2mm male pins-------------612-2.2A

50pcs of 2.2mm female pins----------621-2.2A

50pcs of 2.2mm male pins-------------611-2.2

50pcs of 2.2mm female pins----------625-2.2A

50pcs of 2.2mm male pins-------------616-2.2A

50pcs of 2.2mm female pins----------627-F2.2A

50pcs of 2.8mm female pins----------616A-2.8*0.8B

50pcs of 2.8mm female pins----------DJ627-2.8A

50pcs of 3.5mm female pins----------623-E3.5A

50pcs of 3.5mm male pins-------------615B-2.8A


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